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We understand what it is like to be on the brink of throwing in the towel on relationship!  Individually, and together as a couple, we have been to the edge and know the Path that can lead you from feeling absolutely desperate and disconnected to uncovering the purest and truest love you have ever known! It is work. It is the most valuable work you will ever do and it will shift EVERYTHING else in your life!

Our mission is to help awaken, inspire, activate and elevate more Love on the planet by helping people connect to and embody the Source of Love as their own True Self and to experience deeply connected and thriving relationships with all Life through the awakening to One Love.  


  1. Music of The Soul
    Before there was Light, there was Sound. The primordial OM that sent forth creation from its pristine nothingness. The Music of The Soul carries through its vibration the codes and keys to unlock the deepest places of remembrance in each of us. We believe that music heals through the power of the Voice and Instrument playing as one. Our highest consciousness is activated by Sound and releases waves of healing energy that opens the heart to access remembrance and transformation.
  2. Events
    Relationships are the cornerstone of a thriving community! We cannot build a world that works for everyone until we have peace and harmony within ourselves, our homes and then our communities. Coming together helps us remember who we are and brings fresh appreciation for the gift we share of playing together and creating a world that works for all of us. Celebration accelerates healing on the planet and will literally change the world one event at a time! Community is essential in order to thrive and serve with our talents and gifts. Our passion is to create gatherings that allow all to contribute with their unique
  3. Evolving Together
    Thriving relationships are the core of everything! We understand this journey of transformation intimately and take great joy in helping you reconnect to the deepest places within YOU so that you can experience deep peace and harmony reflected in ALL of your relations. FOR A FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION CALL 415-987-8470 Through private and group sessions, we provide an intimate space for you as an individual, or as a couple to remove the blocks to love!

"If you want to learn how to experience more love and more gratitude in your life with two people who walk their talk, then this is for you! Join in the fun and the love they have for life and each other and watch your own life transform to one of joy and peace"

John Livesay "The Pitch Whisperer"

JOIN us for this life changing opportunity to transform
your love!

"Awakening" interview
Jason Michael and Heather Powers

"Awakening" interview
Heather Powers "Grateful Girl"