Move from unconsious selfish patterns of codependence and cycles of poor communication to a more authentic, empowered life of serivce and purpose together!

Establish a deeper trust in YOURSELF and in LOVE as you courageously meet and love your shadows into freedom together!

Learn to see your partner as a mirror, a gift of deeper self discovery and become allies rather than adversaries.

Grow in your ability to hold your CENTER for YOURSELF and each other through deeper levels of uncomfortable transformation.

Learn how accessing humility quickly in the most difficult moment is the key to your victory!

Return to childlike wonder, joy and playfulness as you release your fear in love. INNOCENCE RESTORED!

Learn how to cultivate empowered interdependence.

Find greater balance with your own masculine and feminine energies!

Restore your INNOCENCE through Sacred Sexuality and learn to co create the world you both vision for the highest good of all! True Alchemy.

 Shine the light on SEXUAL ADDICTION and begin the healing process. Build TRUST!


Join us for
2 FULL Transformative Days!
OCTOBER 27-28 2018

$444 per couple

$288 per single

If you require financial options, contact us about payment options

If you are interested in staying in Ojai from out of town, message us for accomdation recommendations!

These 2 Days Include:

Held in Ojai, The Sacred Valley of The Moon
Somatic Sactuary, Ojai!

Life Transforming Content
(Includes Homework Workbook)

Gender Specific Breakout Sessions and Processing Groups

Alchemical Union Activation

Sacred Music and Chant

Sound Healing Meditation

Incredible Vegan Lunch
both days!


“Jason Michael and Heather Powers have deeply impacted my life. Their presence shifts lives and the global consciousness daily. Jason and Heather have a divine gift of bringing people together to rise and play on the ethereal realm, while bringing peace and enlightenment to the world.”

Erin Fall Haskell
"Dr. Erin"

“The "Awakening Love Within"  course has been a deep revealing and amazing experience to go through. I have been able to delve into parts of me that I was too fearful to look at before and come out with a new sense of who I am. The classes have created a safe container for my partner and I delve deep into our relationship in many ways. Some of these ways for me include: developing a deeper level of trust within myself and her, revealing beliefs and patterns that have been running in my life and creating deeper levels of compassion, trust and love for both of us. This has been a truly wonderful gift.”


Healing Practioner

"We want to say Thank You Thank You for this amazing class! You are both incredible teachers and guides. Through Your mentoring and guidance This class has helped my husbandand I to rekindle our relationship, get in touch with the commitment that we made to each other 26 years ago, and once again experience that magical spark that joined us together originally.

I recommend that if you're considering this class, that you absolutely do take it!"

Penny Olsen
Insurance Broker

“The loving way in which Heather and Jason have designed this program, has allowed my husband and I a safe place to navigate deeper levels of ourselves that hadn't been fully uncovered until now. It has allowed us to see ourselves and one another from a place of  compassion, love and gentleness. as we witness our own patterns of projection and owning these parts of ourselves, shedding light and awareness.

The transparency and vulnerability that has emerged between us as a result of participating in this program has been profound! We hold Infinite gratitude for Heather and Jason for sharing this pathway of love, Unity and wholeness through Divine Partnership.”

Ellowan  Weisback
Conscious Birthing Practioner

"If you want to learn how to experience more love and more gratitude in your life with two people who walk their talk, then this is for you! Join in the fun and the love they have for life and each other and watch your own life transform to one of joy and peace"

John Livesay

"The Pitch Whisperer"
"I highly advocate and suggest anyone who desires to dive deeply in healing their core wounds individually or in partnership to contact The Powers of Love.  For you both have exemplified beyond what we currently have for therapies, as your shining examples of Sacred Divine Union of Love is displayed for all to see, feel and witness.

I'm humbled to know you and call you my dearest friends and my soul family. You come highly qualified with backed up experience and now masters of the teachings. My blessings I send you that many will reach out to you for Miraculous transformations in an accelerated format, compared to doing it alone, or experiencing slow movements or lost opportunities."

Zveta Panova
Holistic Practioner