•    Have REAL FUN!
  •    Exercises Imagination 
  •    Builds Self-Esteem
  •    Get's Them of Gadgets
  •    Encourages Teamwork
  •    Improve Listening Skills
  •    Creative Thinking
  •    Creates Life Long Friendships
  •    Improves Focus
  •    Public Speaking

   ...And Much Much More!!

As Young Professional Actor in Los Angeles, I was guided to take Improv Classes early on in my career. I was told it would assist in my Audition process. What I didn't count on is how it would CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVER!! 

I know those are big words, but they are my deepest Truth. I have seen improv change the lives of BOTH
children and adults!

I often say, "Everything I need to know about life, I LEARNED IN IMPROV!"

  •  Be In The Now

  • Listen to your other Actors

  •  Always say "YES, And..."

  • Creating from the positive

  • Trust your Instincts 

  •  Just Play like a Child


Jason Michael Powers is an International Producer, Actor, Singer, and DJ known as "DJ 1ove" (One Love). The Founder of 3 Improv Troupes that performed weekly in Los Angeles for 5 years. Recently he has been Producing and Performing in Music Concerts in China and Los Angeles. He has been a DJ for Private and Social Events since 1992. A Voice Actor who voice has been heard on Radio and Television. And the Father of Super Star 4th Grader, Jett Henson. 


A 60 minunte weekly After School Enrichment Program
8 Weeks
ONLY $165 per child

Designed to support Children and their Creative Powers through Acting, Improv, Music and Dance

The Kids will play Improv Games
like you see on
"Who's Line Is It Anyway"

(Interactive Dances like Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Watch Me, etc)

This will conclude with a 30/40 min "show" at the end of the final week. 


ONLY $165


It started after about 3 months or so in my training. I initially had a natural ability for Improv. I could tell because I was able to get the class laughing often when I would do my "scenes." And who doesn't love positive feedback?? Improv is supposed to be funny, as I believed, and I was making people laugh! Well, it came to a time where my work was NOT so funny, people were not laughing as much as time went on, and I started to withdrawal from my love of Improv.

What happened next was ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS!! My Mentor approached me after class one day and asked me how I was doing, she had noticed a shift in my performances. I told her "I'm sad, I don't feel funny any longer. I feel like I'm not that good at Improv" She then told me this: "Don't worry about 'them', you just go out there and play like a child, Create that 4th Wall and play in the playground like you did when you were in elementary school. In Improv, there is no right or wrong. Improv is not about being funny...it's about being HONEST." For some reason, in that Moment, I had seen my whole life flash in front of me...this very issue PLAGUED my life. So much JOY was taken out of life, because I was so wrapped up in what "others" thought of me. I wanted and needed that constant feedback loop that I was ok. My Career in Improv took off from there. From then, I was the Founder of 3 different Improv Troupes in Los Angeles that performed weekly for 5 years. I was the Assistant Director and received wonderful reviews from the LA Times during this time. And I had sooooo much FUN doing it and created Life Long Friendships. 

Years later, I started to dig deeper into a Spiritual Journey and came across a Gem of a Book: "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. It was all about Staying Present in the Now. I then realized all I had learned in Improv was the Spiritual Tenets of Wise Sages like Eckhart Tolle and Ram Dass: "Be Here Now". There are Powerful Rules of Improv that I believe ALL of us can benefit from!