Awakened By The Sound

Sound is the catalyst of Creation. Every cell of our bodies and that of the Mother Earth and the Cosmos is affected by the sound vibrations we offer. Our passion is to allow the Music of The Spheres and Sacred Spoken Word and Mantra  to come through us, bridging Heaven and Earth...singing the Songs of a new generation. 

Music of The Spheres

Sacred Spoken Word

Music heals all of us. It is scientifically proven that listening to certain music can completely change our brain chemistry. Historic studies have shown how beautiful music can even heal the water! Our bodies are 70 percent water and are the most powerful conduit for healing tones to reverse illness and open the gateway within to a joyful, harmonious, healthy life!

 Most of us remember our favorite songs from early in our childhood. Certain songs define whole seasons of our lives. Through music, it is our desire to allow Spirit fo flow through melody and lyrics that encapsulate the Soul's journey the ups and downs, the peaks and valleys that comprise the human experience! 

May you be drawn in to the tender places in your heart as you listen to these Songs of the Soul.

The vibration of the Voice, whether spoken or sung is the conduit between Spirit and Matter. We have the power to speak things into creation by our very intention in the words we choose. Whether it be Sacred text, Mantra, Storytelling, Decrees or Affirmations, when we invoke the power of our Voice, we are bringing our thought and imagination into reality.

We believe that listening with intention also has the ability to unlock those places in our heart that are ready to receieve more Light and Love. We invite you to sit back, quiet your mind and allow these words to drench you in the warmth of the Spoken Words of Grace.

Spoken Word

Soul Songs


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