1. "If you want to learn how to experience more love and more gratitude in your life with two people who walk their talk, then this is for you! Join in the fun and the love they have for life and each other and watch your own life transform to one of joy and peace." www.sellingsecretsforfunding.com
    John Livesay, "The Pitch Whisperer", Author, Business Coach
  2. “1ove & Gratitude has deeply impacted my life. Their presence shifts lives and the global consciousness daily. Jason and Heather have a divine gift of bringing people together to rise and play on the ethereal realm, while bringing peace and enlightenment to the world.” www.erinfallhaskell.com
    Rev. Dr. Erin Fall Haskell, New Thought Leader, Transformational Speaker
  3. Heather and Jason practice One love and Gratitude, daily with each other, and with all those that they minister to. I am a different person, having worked with them. My eyes are open wider than I knew possible. I see Miracles that I never saw before. Their love has taught me how to love even more so. Their eloquent Prayers and healing light inspire my soul. Thank you Heather and Jason, your guidance has been a beacon of light.
    Penny Olsen, Minister, Healing Facilitator
  4. I love Heather and Jason they are two people that are walking the talk not an easy thing to do, but, they are doing it!! They are filled with wisdom and knowledge they freely share. They are so easy to be around as you feel their ease within, once you are in their presence you can tell how very awake and aware each of them is. Heather and Jason spread their massive vibe of Love and Care to others each day on FB live to assist the consciousness! They are also very talented as a singing duo, as they each have beautiful voices to share to the world! They are team players, co-creators, visionaries and a whole lot of fun ~
    Camille M. Mancuso Michaels, Author,Founder "Balance Beyond Belief"
  5. “Love and Gratitude”, the spiritual duo of Heather and Jason Michael Powers, is an inspiration to us all. They expand their love and gratitude for each other out into the world around them, bringing a sense of Hope, Joy, and Promise for our emerging New Earth. I am proud to count them among my beloved family.
    Barbara Wilder, Founder "Transformationsal Light Center"Author of "Money Is Love"
  6. By definition Angels are “Messengers!” Their message(s) of “Spiritual” unity, Love and Light is a prominent refrain that affectionately touches many lives of those who listened to their profound, expressive music and songs of spiritual liberation and practical teachings. Jason and Heather Powers have untiringly and passionately revealed their true essence of the Spirit of Love, Light, Peace and Harmony with a myriad of minds, seen and unseen, near and far. Theirs is a bright illuminating “ministry of reconciliation” and I’m glad to be among the many who have been impressively moved by it. Yes, I’m very grateful to be a witness of their warm and tender teachings and the practical wisdom attached to them. They are both indeed “Angels on Earth!”
    Paul McZeal, Minister, Founder/ Director of "Spiruth"