We understand what it is like to be on the brink of throwing in the towel on relationship!  Individually, and together, we have been to the edge and know the Path that can lead you from feeling absolutely desperate and disconnected to uncovering the purest and truest love you have ever known! It is work. It is the most valuable work you will ever do and it will shift EVERYTHING else in your life!

We offer Spiritual Intuitive Coaching for individuals and/ or couples. We work with couples and individuals who are ready for the commitment to TOTALLY shift  their own life and how it plays out in thier relationship.

The KEY to EVERY relationship is the one you have with YOURSELF!

Our coaching includes sessions together as a couple and individual sessions for each partner. Men and women often have unique layers of healing respective to each life experience and we have found it helpful to support both partners individually, so  the coaching as a unit has more clarity, focus and dynamic healing!


We offer 3 levels of coaching services for couples or individuals:

“3 Month Relationship Invtervention”
This program is designed to be intensive intervention for relationships in crisis. This requires that both partners are willing to take part in this process.  We will help you shift your relationship  in a new direction and to begin to help you identify where love is ready to anchor deeper in your experience together. We will help you get to the bottom of destructive patterns and behaviors that are keeping you stuck in cycles of dysfunction, addiction and pain. Divorce is expensive and can tear everyone in the family apart. This process can be the very lifesaver you are looking for to help revive, restore and reveal deeper love and trust than you've ever experienced before!

- As a couple you will receive 6 weekly 60 minute sessions with Jason and Heather as a couple.
-  Each partner will receive 6 60 minute sessions with either Jason or Heather to support the unique requirements of men and women.
- Text support
- Music, Blog, Meditations and Powerful Exercises to support  and deepen your relationship!
“Awakening Love Within” program included

“6 Month Transformation”

Similar to the "3 Month Relationship Intervention", we always begin with those issues that are keeping everything else in a lockdown mode. Once we have things on a more level, neutral ground, we begin to start builiding a solid foundation for deep intimacy and trust to be established and all together new patterns and presidents to be experienced and built upon. This is about totally recreating your experience together!  We will help you take all the things that originally drew you to each other and use them as a catalyst for growing a deep, solid connection that will stand the test of any challenge that comes along, as life will always give us new opportunites to grow together!

We will help you establish a common goal together so that you, as a unit, begin to have great impact in your service to the world!

- As a couple you will receive 12 weekly 60 minute sessions with Jason and Heather as a couple.
- Each partner will receive 12 weekly 60 minute sessions with either Jason or Heather to support the unique requirements of men and women.
-Keys to becoming pillars of the New Earth
-Meditation and Prayer Support
- Text support
- Music, Blog,  Meditations and Powerful Exercices to support and deepen your relationship!
-VIP/ Discounted tickets to "Powers Of Love" Events

“13 Month Love Mastery”

This program is designed to bring you back to the heart of love and innocence so that you can experience full liberation and create a life of Love, impact and joy at the deepest level! These 13 months build upon all of the work done in the first two program phases. This Mastery program is for those couples who are ready to take quantum leaps in consciousness together and embody TRUE LOVE individually and as a unit, creating dynamic magnetisim and influence for world service. Divine partnerships are the cornerstone of anchoring balance upon the planet!  These relationships establish and demonstrate Oneness in all areas of life and create from a place of wholeness, which leaves a legacy for generations to come!

- As a couple you will receive 32 weekly 60 minute sessions with Jason and Heather as a couple.
- Each partner will receive 32 weekly 60 minute sessions with either Jason or Heather to support the unique requirements of men and women.
-Meditation and Prayer Support
- Text support
- Music, Blog,  Meditations and Powerful Exercises to support and deepen your relationship!
-Keys to becoming pillars of the New Earth
-VIP Tickets to all "The Powers Of Love" Events
-Quarterly Intensive Full Day Session to set intentions and benchmarks
- “Awakening Love Within” program included

We Also Offer:

-Individual Hourly Sessions

With Jason Michael, Heather OR BOTH of us.
Together. as "The Powers of Love" we hold a very UNIQUE healing container as the Masculine and Feminine Balance and offer intuitive perspective beyond what you would experience with one or the other. We also realize that for some issues, the work is more appropriate and gender specific and honor this work deeply as well.)

-Exclusively Designed Couples Immersion Weekend

 We design a weekend for YOU at the location of YOUR choice. We plan EVERY detail including exclusive housing, high vibrational meals and snacks, meditation, music, fun outings all centered around our "Recovering Love" Program. This weekend will transform you BOTH. Your Life and Love will never be the same!

-Customized Wedding Ceremony
Together with YOU, we design and officiate a UNIQUE wedding ceremony experience that is specific to the traditions and elements that resonate with the frequency of YOUR LOVE. This day is one of the most important in your Life and it is our JOY to serve the purest expression of this momentous occasion for you, your family and guests. We both love to weave our musical gifts into this experience. Jason Michael is an Intutive Music Designer who will create a soundtrack for your special day, to dance, sing and play to! 

- Full or Partial Day Immersive Healing Sessions with "The Powers of Love"
These sessions are designed to allow you to drop deep into a healing container and bring clarity and break through. We custom design each of these full or partial day sessions intuitvely with yours and our guides to create exactly the kind of opening that your Soul is calling for. We have seen dramatic results from these sessions.

For more information and pricing on any of these Offerings:


Why work with a Relationship and Soul Coach?


"An individual who has traveled love's highways and had a vast array of relational experiences. 
They have explored the heights of ecstasy and the depths of suffering, and, rather than turning away from the teachings at the heart of their experiences, they chose to remain in the fire until wisdom was birthed. 
They now bring their wisdom to bear on other's relational experiences, helping to support them as they navigate the challenges that arise in all forms of love connection. 
At the heart of their work is the belief that love relationship is a spiritual practice, a portal to divinity that must be nurtured with compassion and attunement if it is to bear fruit. In sharp contrast to the individual consciousness models long advocated by patriarchal thinkers, love elders advocate for the identification and development of relational consciousness models that will serve humanity going forward. They move from the belief that we are not just here together to keep each other company-we are also here together to show each other God. 
Their work is to support others in their efforts to work through obstructions to connection, and in their efforts to deepen and sustain meaningful relationships. They are also focused on helping individuals to find healing, learning and closure around relationships that cannot be sustained. They are hearticulators extraordinaire."

-Jeff Brown